My UG is stuck

Okay, my first UG NX post. Well, we have UG NX4 and TeamCenter and we open our UG files through TeamCenter. We have startup scripts but when I got to a certain point the Command window just hangs. It is the process UG_remote that is the culprit. I kill the process and then all is well. Not stuck. The cause of all this was a failed startup because all of our network licenses were used up. Good to know for next time.


Unknown but not forgotten

What next! Today I was going along as usual and then my "CH" (PROPERTIES) command disappeared. "What in the world.." I get an "Command: _properties Unknown command "PROPERTIES" Not good (I think to myself). I go to Control Panel and do a "Repair Registry" on my AutoCAD install. Nope, no change. I then do a "Repair Install". Nope. Getting a little worried here. I do a reinstallation. Still nothing. Oh no I think to myself. Finally I find the solution. It is the DEMANDLOAD variable. I never think about it, so it never occurred to me. I type it in, it is set to 0, so I change it to 2 and "wahlah", I am known again. It's good not to be forgotten.


When is a font not a font..

Hey, my drawing looks weird. I have text that uses ISOCP.SHX but now it looks "too wide". I check the style, but it is set correctly. What the... I check for the font file.. okay. What I finally do is reboot (an old IT favorite). Well what do you know, the style is back (get it..back in style) Okay, till next time. Also see 2010.08.02 for update