Impeding progress...

What is holding these things up? Well in the publishing world (AutoCAD Publish that is), a user kept getting a "Job Already In Progress" dialog popping up. He is one of the few users here who use Publish since we have an in house solution already for plotting but nonetheless we needed to solve it. A few searches hinted at a solution and it turned out to be that within the OPTIONS >> PLOT AND PUBLISH tab, the Enable Background Processing for PUBLISHING was set to ON. He switched it to OFF (unchecked) and he no longer has impeded progress. It is about time to live in the here and now. May the Lord Bless.


Too much support

Well, Sometimes you just get too much support. How's that? Recently I began getting a pop up dialog that prompted me that the drawing I was opening had Mechanical objects that were saved to a version that made them incompatible. That is good info but I was using vanilla AutoCAD and I had never seen this come up before. It appeared from the command line to run a _amconsistencycheck command. I tried looking it up but to no avail. To make a long story short, I had added a new support path in my Options that pointed to the ACADM folder. Once this path was removed, the command did not come up automatically.