Shaft Fits Disappeared

In AutoCAD Mechanical, there is a dimensional feature that can add ISO fit tolerances such as H7 or f6 and such. A user lost his list if fits and wanted to get them back. The problem was that his Mechanical VAL tables were lost (how, I do not know). To fix them, we copied a set from a working computer to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AutoCAD Mechanical 2012\ACADM\GEN". We copied the VAL folder and all of its subfolders to get them restored.


Boxed in text

This one doesn't come up too often, but when it does it is slightly hard to find. If you need to make a resizing box around your text in AutoCAD, try the TCIRCLE command. Just type in TCIRCLE and select the text you need to "box in", enter your preferences, and wala "boxed in text".